As a leading alternative investment firm with expertise and track record in transforming underperforming acquired facilities into world-class competitive, operationally and financially healthy and sustainable businesses, Nithia is enabling further growth in metals & mining, steel, power and allied industries across the world.

As part of that strategic vision, Nithia is also aligned with the opportunities in the emerging markets. We have investments in chrome (ore & concentrate), copper (ore & concentrate) and iron ore in Turkey, Africa and South America. Our recent move is into India, where we are making substantial investments throughout 2021 and beyond.

Backed by a globally experienced team looking to build an industrial portfolio globally with a focus on emerging markets, Nithia has the ability to bring in financial, operational and commercial experience to heavy asset backed industries. Our investments are strategic, with due consideration of the cyclical nature that requires patience, and strategic and diligent capital allocated to resources that can provide strong cashflows.