Business transformation effects value. Nithia effects business transformation. We are a global advisory and investment firm that specialises in turning around heavy asset-backed underperforming industries in steel, power, resources and allied industrials. We are solutions-driven, with the highest standards of professionalism and decades of experience focusing on building successful businesses yet investing in leaving a clean environment for the future.

Since 2010, Nithia has invested US $500 million in various resource assets around the world. In a single geography alone – India, a fledgling emerging market – we have invested US $300 million since 2019 in steelmaking assets. Nithia continues to invest several hundreds of millions of dollars in targeted investments from its deal flow pipeline.

Nithia's operations are global, with offices in Singapore, London, Mumbai and Dubai.


Founded in 2010 by Jai Saraf.

Global portfolio of businesses range across core sectors -- steel, power, resources and allied industrials.

Offices in Singapore, London, Mumbai and Dubai.

We are invested in a global portfolio workforce of over 6000 employees.

Our Edge

We just don’t invest. We own the business that we invest in. And we leverage our rich experience, strong global network of partnerships and sector expertise to mitigate risks, craft 360-degree commercial continuity and drive up value. Our approach starts with selecting an acquisition strategy of maximising transaction value. It is backed by the support to the acquired asset’s operations and maintenance until we can unlock its true potential, ensure returns to the key stakeholders and handover a highly sustainable, operating proposition. Our strategy is directed at delivering outsized returns to our stakeholders.


Our leadership team of senior executives brings decades of cumulative experience and a legacy of creating global assets of scale. The founding members of Nithia played a pivotal role in creating the world’s largest steel producer and multinational organisations in the resources sector.


We are an environmentally conscious enterprise that puts its responsibility towards a sustainable future generation as the top priority.