Nithia bring its own proprietary capital and committed capital from institutional investors and family offices. These funds are used to invest in discrete, specific transactions and strategies in our chosen sectors where we see strategic opportunities through extensive research and in-depth analysis. Our investments are value - driven and generally geographically agnostic.

Apart from bringing in the investment capital, we are an active shareholder in our investments who support the management of our portfolio to drive growth and value creation through application of the collective industrial expertise, experience and thought leadership. We have a focused investment approach, which means we are willing to invest significant amounts of Nithia resources through turnaround, capital expenditure, growth initiatives, and synergistic consolidation strategies.

We understand that bringing about significant change at portfolio companies can take time which requires long term vision, patience and perseverance. At Nithia, we are long-term focused towards a sustainable operation and do not let short-term market movements affect our thinking or decision. We have the strong track-record of working collaboratively with portfolio management teams to deliver on a shared vision for growth and value creation.