As a conscientious investor in core sectors like steel, power, resources and allied industries, we consider it our primary responsibility to prioritise the Environment, Social duties & Governance (ESG) in every move we make, every opportunity we explore and every investment we put on the ground.

Our belief: Long-term sustainability focus, social awareness and a globally benchmarked corporate governance are the only ways our industries can grow and prosper to ensure a positive future for all. We, therefore, go that extra mile to ensure the globally-benchmarked compliances.


  • Our target investments are undertaken with the aim to protect the environment

  • Ensure rigour in implementing environmental norms

  • Drive towards reducing carbon footprint substantially towards zero

  • Encourage biodiversity and conservation

  • Implement the highest standards of efficiency in our use of natural resources


  • Promote social awareness and bring in resources to improve our neighbourhood in our investments growth story

  • Have the right environment in terms of work culture and comply with the norms of the employment regulations

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace

  • Encourage human knowledge, promote proactiveness and engagement


  • Ensure integrity, transparency and approachability

  • Establish highest standards of oversight and strong financial reporting, compliance and controls

  • Recognize and manage risk

As we follow the above, we encourage all our stakeholders and partners to do the same. We believe it is in our benefit and, therefore, we are actively exploring opportunities of philanthropy, community support and environmental protection and rejuvenation activities. We are also in the process of signing up with global environmental bodies and social communities to take forward our primary investment: first protect, then promote, and finally share.