What we do

We bring in-depth research,
market intelligence, and focused
insights into the various aspects of
advisory. They include:

  • Business diligence

  • Turnaround

  • Technical evaluation

By utilising our decades of legacy experience and a deep sector knowledge within the firm, Nithia is able to provide customised, focused and bespoke services through – Alferon – a dedicated organisation for the provision of advisory, operations & management on behalf of Nithia.

On operations & management, Alferon has gained decades of experience in operating industrial assets in various countries. As industrial turnaround specialists, Alferon brings not just the investments but a total solution to bring alive assets that have the latent energy and the potential to reach new heights. Through, Alferon we are able to offer an O&M offering, where we enable asset stakeholders, be it owners or creditors, to engage with a competent and professional resource to take on the end-to-end operations of a facility.

The Alferon team has the ability to get involved in all facets of the operating structure, such as:

Operations | Technical | Commercial | Procurement | Marketing | Sales | Finance | HR

Our primary initiative remains bringing back to life assets where we see strategic opportunity and return on investments for all stakeholders. That apart, we evaluate potential tolling opportunities, providing interim leadership, unlock potential in companies by applying operational insights, and offer companies with high levels of guidance and resources.